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rvm1-ansible needs a new maintainer

rvm1-ansible could use a little love, is anyone up for maintaining it?

I've been maintaining this library for a few years but lately it's been neglected.

This has been due to a combination of me having not used Ansible in well over a year and simply not having time to go through each issue and isolate all of the problems.

It's sad to see that there's 21 open issues and 12 pull requests. RVM is a great project and mpapis has been nothing but amazing when it came to supporting it over the years.

I don't want to see rvm1-ansible creep into an unmaintained state and tarnish the RVM brand.

If you know someone who is interested in contributing to open source projects and has a good understanding of Ansible and RVM then please contact me at

To everyone who is currently using the package. Thanks a lot for your feedback and bug reports over the years and I hope you can continue using the library with great success in the future.