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Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE)

REE builds on top of MRI Rubies, versions 1.8.X and later, to deliver an enhanced interpreter with many performance and memory optimizations, including common patch-sets such as MBARI.


$ rvm install ree

To install a prior version of Ruby Enterprise Edition, you'll need to do a couple of things before continuing. Firstly, you'll need to edit ~/.rvm/config/user to update the download url base for the ruby you wish to install. As an example, for ree-1.8.7-p2010.01, you would add:


For ree-1.8.7-p20090928 you would need to add:


When using 20090928 on OSX, you also need to pass in a few extra options. As an example, you'd need to run:

$ rvm install ree-1.8.7-p20090928 --ree-options --no-tcmalloc

Lastly, ensure you remove the lines from ~/.rvm/config/user after you've installed the version you want.

NOTE: On any OS and REE < 2011.01, if the installation fails and the output file reports missing readline-devel, zlib-devel, and openssl-devel headers AND you are sure that you have read the packages install instructions - or you are otherwise positive you have the necessary packages installed in a known location - check your PATH environment variable to make sure something like "/usr/lib" is NOT present. See for more information. If you don't want to change your PATH variable then this patch fixes the issue in REE 2010.02

$ diff ~/.rvm/src/<ree-dir>/platform_info.rb~ ~/.rvm/src/<ree-dir>/platform_info.rb
<      if File.executable?(path)
>      if File.executable?(path) && File.file?(path)

Additional symptoms of the problem include not being able to override the include directories with the "--with-<pkg-name>-dir" compiler flags. Other solutions (theoretically) would be to set the CC environment variable to /usr/bin/gcc (although this may result in more dependency issues elsewhere as it's only a solution to a symptom). Again, make sure you try to follow the instructions here first, as the problem described in this note is an edge case.

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